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2019 - Toronto - Hockey - Player Registration (Alumni)

  • League: LUG Hockey
  • Season: 2019-20 Winter
  • Opens: July 29, 2019 at 10:00am EDT
  • Closes: March 1, 2020 at 12:00pm EST




What This League Is NOT

The Toronto Alumni league is NOT your every week hockey league. We are NOT comparable to DMHL, ASHL, or Buckingham that play each week at the same times. We are not able to offer a weekly league in Toronto at this point in time due to ice time availability.

What This League IS

We wanted to offer our former PLUGs and their friends a chance to play in LUG and get together more often. As a young professional sometimes its hard to see all you pals from school. That's why we created the Toronto Alumni league (you DO NOT need to be a former LUG player to play). 

It is designed to be an additional skate in your winter to get your pals together and hang out. We created a 8 game season with games every 2-3 weeks throughout the year to break up the Winter and bring you and your friends together. 

What Makes This League Different

  • 9 game season spread out over the winter
  • Saturdays/Sunday afternoons
  • Events for everyone to get together on Saturday nights
  • Jerseys & LUG merch pack  


ArenaUpper Canada College, Ricoh
Game DaysSaturday or Sunday afternoons 
Skill LevelsA Division
Season Length9 guaranteed games (including playoffs). This is NOT a weekly league. See above.
PlayoffsElimination Tournament. Winning team entered automatically into the WAG Cup Finals.
Game Format12-12-15 run time periods.
3 player simultaneous shootout if tied.
EventsLUG will organize Saturday night events periodically throughout the season to bring the teams together. 
Add OnsLUG Welcome package, NHL style jerseys, Membership Card + More
Price$4000 + taxes per team
Roster SizeTeams are expected to have 13 players minimum. 
Team BondsCaptains pay $100 as a team bond. If your team forfeits a game or violates LUG's code of conduct, the bond is lost. Bonds are returned to teams at the conclusion of the season if there are no violations.


  • Taxes: 13% HST will be applied to your registration.
  • Online Payment Fee: Online registrations are subject to an online payment fee.
$308.00 @ registration