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2019 - Toronto - Hockey - Player Registration (UCC)

  • League: LUG Hockey
  • Season: 2019-20 Winter
  • Opens: July 29, 2019 at 10:00am EDT
  • Closes: March 1, 2020 at 12:00pm EST




What This League Is NOT

The Toronto UCC league is NOT comparable to regular Toronto Hockey Leagues such as DMHL, ASHL, or Buckingham that play each week at the same times. 

What This League IS

Similar to almost all other LUG leauges, this league is designed for the university student calendar. We operate around student key dates, holidays, and exam periods.  This schedule is optimized to provide the most hockey during the student year when students want to play. It is NOT a full September-April league. 

This league is the exact same league structure as our main LUG leagues and will appeal to students, professionals looking for hockey but dont want to play every week, and others who are looking for a second league to play in. 

ArenaUpper Canada College
Game DaysSunday Nights
Skill LevelsA Division
Season Length16 guaranteed games (including playoffs)
PlayoffsElimination Tournament. Winning team entered automatically into the WAG Cup Finals.
Game Format12-12-15 run time periods.
3 player simultaneous shootout if tied.
EventsAll Star Game, Awards Banquet, WAG Cup Finals After-Party
Add OnsLUG Welcome package, NHL style jerseys, Membership Card + More
Price$6500 + taxes per team

IMPORTANT: The suggested roster is 15 players. At registration, Each player pays the "Player Fee" which is equal to the "Team Price"/15Skaters. If your team has fewer than 15 skaters, your team owes the balance. There are no discounts for teams with less than 15 players. Your total team fee is the "Team Price" + HST.
Roster SizeTeams are expected to have 15 players minimum. 
Team BondsCaptains pay $100 as a team bond. If your team forfeits a game or violates LUG's code of conduct, the bond is lost. Bonds are returned to teams at the conclusion of the season if there are no violations.


  • Taxes: 13% HST will be applied to your registration.
  • Online Payment Fee: Online registrations are subject to an online payment fee.
$433.00 @ registration